Suggest a Feature or Report a Bug

If you have identified a bug, I would really appreciate it if you would let me know. Please include the description of the problem and the steps that led you to come across the bug. Thank you!

If you have a feature request, those are always welcome too!

Known Bugs

  1. If an element and its parent element both have a tooltip, the parent's tooltip is displayed correctly, but the child's tooltip is overlapped by the default browser's tooltip of the parent. This happens because the plugin clears the title="" attribute in order to prevent the default browser behaviour, but clearing the child's attribute tells the browser to display the parent's tooltip, which should be hidden.
  2. If a parent element has a tooltip, and its child element does not, the following problem occurs when a user moves the mouse from the parent to its child: the parent tooltip is displayed correctly, but, as the mouse moves over to the child, the tooltip disappears and immediately reappears. The default browser behaviour is to recognize that the child's tooltip is the same as the parent's and not hide the tooltip at all.
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